Radiation Safety Compliance Solutions & RSO Services

Achieve and maintain your compliance requirements. Consulting services to improve your CNSC compliance.


License Application Service

Manage the process of applying for an initial CNSC License

Radiation Safety manuals, programs, and procedures are developed to suit the specific needs of your company. The application process is initiated and monitored to completion until the issuance of the CNSC license.

License Renewal

Meeting the requirements of current regulations

NDT.CLOUD assists in the renewal process by reviewing and revising the program before submitting it for renewal. Maintaining open communication and active relationship to ensuring a smoorh and prompt acceptance from the CNSC.

RSO on Record

Our complete solution leveraging the expertise and experience required to maintain compliance of the radiation safety program..

As the RSO on Record, we work closely with management and staff. The service offers direct support to the organization's management team. This full-service includes regular documented site visits.

RSO On-Call

Whether it be a vacation, illness, or increased workload, we help you when you need us the most!

The RSO on-call Service allows for NDT.CLOUD to temporarily fill in when you need it. As part of this service, time is taken quarterly to familiarize ourselves with your radiation protection program. with the regular check-ins, it ensures the NDT.CLOUD can fill in anytime you need us.

Retrieval Services

Let us act as the primary responder or a reliable resource to call upon in an emergency.

Each licensee is required to have someone available to provide emergency Retrieval Service equiped with the specialized training necessary to manage or assist in a sealed source retrieval.

Bunker Design & Procurement

A radiography installation is an effective way to ensure that your workforce can operate safely and achieve the highest levels of ALARA.

NDT.CLOUD's Bunker Design and Procurement Service performs the necessary evaluation and design, making sure that the final assembly meets the expectation of the regulator.

NDT.CLOUD assists in the evaluation and procurement of necessary materials. Providing consultation to the organization for budgeting and execution of the build.

Inspection Pre-Audit & 3rd Party Audits

Having a third party audit the Radiation Protection Program, can help identify opportunities for improvement that internal auditors often overlook.

NDT.CLOUD's CNSC Inspection Pre-Audit & Periodic Third Party Audit Services helps to ensure a successful regulatory inspection or provide unique insight and opportunities to improve your program.

Security Consultation & Manual Development Services

Building a security manual that adequately addresses the regulatory requirements for CNCS Licensee can be a daunting task.

NDT.CLOUD's Security Consultation & Security Manual Development Services assists through consultation on the best security practices and measures. This service includes site inspections, development of policies and procedures while ensuring a successful submission to the CNSC

Site Decommissioning

Whether moving or discontinuing licensed activities, regulations require that a formal Site Decommissioning takes place.

NDT.CLOUD's provides advice and help on the necessary steps and requirements for reporting the decommissioning process.