NDT|VAULT features and services

Digital Content Management

A unique digital image and document solution for the NDT Industry.

  • ACQUIRE AND TAG: Acquire the image, upload instantly and provide your digital content with critical and explanatory tags for smart incremental search.
  • UPLOAD: Instant upload of all digital content. Easily Drag & Drop files or upload directly from your scanner. All file formats are supported.
  • VIEW: Evaluate the radiograph with enhancement, measurement and annotation tools without downloading any additional software. Accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

  • SEARCH: Smart incremental search to avoid bulky and inefficient folder storage.
  • SHARE: Instantaneously share data with others located throughout the supply chain.
  • ARCHIVE: Guaranteeing longterm secure archive of digital NDT content.

Data Mining & Data Fusion

NDT|VAULT opens up the potential for data mining and data fusion. Ensuring that data can be compared from different information sources and NDT methods.

With our archive solution NDE data will never become obsolete or inaccessible.

Integration with the NDT Industry

Integrating with your supply chain saves time and money. Therefore with NDT|Vault sharing and transfer of ownership throughout your supply chain is one of best features our system has. All your NDT digital content becomes instantly available. These files can be annotated and collaborated to those that need it. Use our smart tagging system and smart incremental search method for easy data upload and retrieval.

Benifits of Digital files

Digital files have several benefits including extended life, easy access and convenient transfer. Analog images converted to digital are no longer subject to environmental conditions and deterioration of the image itself. Once converted, the need for climate controlled storage is diminished, while improving data archiving through ease of access and transferability

  • Eliminate image preservation cost – save existing/future costs
  • Silver rebates – generate existing asset revenue
  • Digital images – enhanced inspection/evaluation
  • Rapid visibility & reports – save time, money, personnel
  • Data integrity – permanent accuracy for auditing
  • Digital artifacts – never lose image quality
  • Digital archive – forever available for primary/disaster recovery
  • Faster, easier – evaluations & decisions
  • Share